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Accurs’d noise.

I’ve come to like Twitter. It’s a useful news source and has connected me, to some extent, with dozens of people who live in my area.

But sometimes … Jaysus, it’s like being in the same room with five dozen standup comedians.

This year’s endless round of GOP debates has brought out the wanna-be comics in excelsis, as virtually every utterance from each candidate is greeted by a volley of snark-arrows.

The unrelenting tide of sarcasm gets old a little bit faster with each debate. (Though perhaps this is the Internet Gods’ way of telling me I need to mingle with more conservatives.)

Other events bring out similar, if slightly less abundant, responses. One person I follow today — commenting on the Ryan Braun news — said he’d waded through everyone’s attempt at japery but still hadn’t heard what the real meat of the story was.

I don’t like the level of noise on Twitter, but I’m starting to come around to accept it as the bad that inevitably comes with the good.

I’m beginning to think, too, that being in the same room with five dozen standup comedians is a pretty good analogy for life in early-21st-century America.


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