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Five at d’ title; Note: Nazareth, ” ; Dog” sheds; ;

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I have nothing new to write tonight, my birthday tribute to Chris Squire having fallen through. (Damn those birthdays – they only last 24 hours.)

So I decided to take my previous blog post and run it through Babelfish, one paragraph at a time, going from English to Spanish to French to German to English again.

I think I might actually be more coherent this way. Enjoy!


A characteristic, which is repeated, in which I supervise something enjoy, but never meant deeply over, and he is forced, five reasons clearly to indicate, from those j’ have taste of it.

Aujourd’ today bent of ’ the s: Designate the l’ trace; Album 1975 by the hard Scottish Nazareth bandage of the rock. CO-Written by the members of the volume flippt Agnew out, Manny Charlton, gives McCafferty and sugar factory of Darrell. To select considering vulgaridad its Refrains, but a l’ did not strike a letter; album; Clip cut in the classical stations of the radio station hard the rock. Cover later by the roses ’ of Guns of the n.

AND here ’ the s because j’ have taste one … (it takes the note to it: I will throw this from deleted, which he qu’ mentioned; once was cencerro. OR the crate of the tank it. To work Míreme.)

1. NinguÌ  n happy sons. To this song enough d’ came; Afternoon in my youth as ’ the t didn keeps much play in my station hard the rock of the native city. I think that j’ had older l’ brother visit; University in buffalos for l’ to hear completely for the first time.

’ the t didn of the I white, that the group in first was —, the much as Bonito every other mud bandage rang the rock of the years 70 qu ‘ use of ’ the t didn organista. But memory clearly my first impression:

“, which the singer rings, as Juan Fogerty completely threw of bar. ”

I place ’ the t I white whether McCafferty of Nazareth give ’ the s rang as Fogerty in d’ other adjustments. (It ’ t doesn in love compassion “ certainly. ”)

But has raggedneßprivatperson its supply in the hair of the dog, ” “ strongly with voting production in the reminded song combines me from the preceding boss of Creedence. This can be finally an individual …, but this ’ s of l’ Interpretation what j’ thought.

Mainly basedly its aspect it always had represented Fogerty as an individual clean to shaven, tousle cabelludo, to Flannel what used by l’ All American a little. So much the d’ concept; Fogerty pissed apagado that you defy a maintained hard bandage of the rock, by crying “ ’, what concerns with one sonovabitch to soil! ”, as venas pump toward the outside in its neck and before to snort also laugh facts me.

Of fact still it A.

Excúseme there secondly.

2. Implied social layers. PERMISSION …, later part ’ of the m d’ I. *giggle*

So much on this Refrain. I understand l’ d’ idea; ” son OF A bitch ” the term and so to cover for badly a weak donkey too explain under dirty-dirtily. A beer power of the pairs makes even at the most faithful like Scoutmasters.

Can you ’ the t it by more than 30 secondement think, although, to ask oneself without beginning, where l’ son OF A bitch to be truth adapts, which d’ concerns; other titles. Beginning numeric social measure organizations with ” milquetoast “ in the 1 and ” 8 or 9 son OF A bitch “ downward over to perhaps assign:

“, it ’ you SEEING, has with soiled, which is stupid, nincompoops and perhaps including a traction or two. But now it ’, which concerns with one son OF A bitch to soil. Its you it reliably bind d’ Entrance ’ of the t wouldn something with one douchebag? Do you receive its a little wet made feet? L’ Creation of the step is important, to d’ ’; and knows. ”

J’ have also m’ taste; itself qu’ to present; a large Russian mountain the maintenance park with the name … and the situation the Son OF A Bitch for in top in the boss of the line is a woodcut d’ a betrübtes individual of long smiling hair, who successfully accomplishes a sample, which says, “! They must be 43 tariff of the stop to soil with Son OF A Bitch. ”

3. L’ festtreten; Water in a sea of slowed down sexuality and the bad poetry goes away to one. That dirty really and ’ t so called shouldn of the I, misogyny of Hooray “! ”, because ’ s probably registers there alguÌ  the recent n Beavis slackjawed toward outside there, which he really takes its ideas on the women of hard, that rock.

But it knows assistance ’ of the t. FOR this point in my life, which simple simple j’ is; thickened femme-qu’ it in songs hard the rock of the c’ wine-reads to hate; is to be been sufficient a source for me.

Not, because I agree with it, but, because j’ have taste to take it through ultra literally. Have m’ taste; to only introduce itself on vocalistas hard the rock as —, what chaste is maldecido for vagar the Hinterwege, by segelt an incessant rompecorazonespest soul of the Shaker, the customers and at the born fakers, all in the gilded l’ name; Art.

I mean, who am oldest advice of the book “ write, what you. ” and young men cuero trousered, stop y-cabelludos by Robert Plant, which was ignited, under, to have its manfullylasten carried, by documenting its meetings with the white-hot mam3aes and the Charmeuren of the velvets in at least four songs by album.

N’ never so much you have many necessarily it so much for so much few.

4. L’ festtreten; Water in a sea of slowed down sexuality and the bad poetry divides two. ’ the t didn of the I knows this jusqu’ ’; Wiki m’ said (which means, which could be krap) …, but obviously the original title of the song and of l’ Album was it inheritance “ the dog, hair “ ” not the dog. ”

the bandage obviously with wordplay put up has, by it qu’ considered; an inheritance of the d’ “; ” the dog was the same qu’ thing; a son “ – of – has – dog. ”

But A& ; M registers l’ most familiar — changed as the sentence perhaps, to the qu’ bandage reminds; they were it n’ used; specifies his abilities in wordplay, but for his abilities with what cencerros and the crates of the tank is it. (Dammit! Nearly made l’ at l’ End.)

L’ moral; History? L’ Grief is the hard bandage of the rock, the d’ tried; to receive to list.

Because each fan can say what golpecito spinal is, it, which ’ s in l’ other side of this line.

5. It uses ” the debts “ the word without the rhyme with that, which is blue of “. ” ” the debts “ – the combination ” that, which is blue of ”, is an old eres and those of the canososklischees in the book ’ of the s of l’ Author, who was provoked only by ” and “ the change “, change ” for the pure fatigued foreseeableness.

The so different artists such as Ringo rigid, Emmylou Harris (by l’ Mediators of Rodney Crowell) the weapons and Blackfoot all L.A fed us this. But not Nazareth.

At the time, where ’, which concerns to expect it, that ” the debts “ to its inevitable partner carries, we at the d’ place take; another in a large Refrain obtus-l’ Instrument, the more suggests d’ Artists we must try ” the debts “ and to son OF A bitch the rhyme “. ”

everything prepares, on this qu’ individuals said; it n’ were ready.


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