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Encore Performances: Another philosophical question, answered.

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I won’t have much time to post over the next couple of days, so I’m going to reprise two posts that appeared on my old blog four years ago this month. They’re vaguely thematically linked.

Sometimes it sucks being able to remember random discussions you had with your friends 20 years ago. (Edit: Closer to 25, now.)
But now there’s the Internet to rescue anal-retentives like me.

Back around 1989 or so, I was hanging out with my friends at someone’s house when their parents weren’t home.
It wasn’t a full-fledged beer bash; it was more laid-back than that.
We were watching a rented movie — specifically, Brian DePalma’s “Body Double.”

The movie begins with a scene in which the hero, played by Craig Wasson, arrives home to find his wife (or was it g/f?) cavorting in bed with another man.
They stop for a second and look up at him.
He stops for a second and looks down at them.
And then he turns around, walks out of the house and sets off on the rest of the movie’s adventures.

Anyway, this set off a heated discussion that rather drowned out the following five minutes of the movie:
If you were the actor playing the guy in bed, would you want your name to be publicly linked to the role?
And if you were, how would you be credited?

As I recall, the consensus answer to No. 1 was yes (hey, in Hollywood, every little break counts), while the prospective answers to No. 2 ranged from “Guy in Bed” to “Nude Fucker.”

We didn’t actually watch the end credits of the movie that night, which would have answered the question and probably erased my memories of the conversation.
But now, thanks to the Internet Movie Database, I can find out how DePalma handled his coital cameo player.

Turns out the guy’s name was Phil Redrow, and he was credited as “Naked Man.”
And that humble role (roll?) launched him on a star-spangled acting career that included clothed appearances in such popular favorites as “The Bodyguard” and “MacGyver.”

You gotta start somewhere, I guess.

Value-Added Content Alert:
An IMDB character name search turns up 79 characters identified in part or in total as “Naked Man,” including such variants as “Cheap Ass Naked Man,” “Crazed Naked Man,” “Naked Man in Shopping Center” and “Naked Man at Auditions.”

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