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Encore Performances: A sour spring.

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Written for my old blog in April 2011.

Trivia time, for the few baseball fans in the crowd…

What do the less-than-immortal gentlemen in the following starting lineup have in common?
(Besides that none of them are in the Hall of Fame, of course.)

C: Jake Gibbs (1969)
1B: Dave Revering (1982)
2B: Enrique Wilson (2004)
3B: Mike Ferraro (1968)
SS: Wayne Tolleson (1988)
RF: Jim Lyttle (1971)
CF: Jerry Mumphrey (1981-83)
LF: Hensley Meulens (1991)
P: Dave LaPoint (1990)
DH: Bill Sudakis (1974)

They have all, in the past 50 years, started on Opening Day for the New York Yankees.

As another baseball season full of dreams and promise lurches to a start, we again renew our hope that this year will bring embarrassment, infighting, underperformance, and a finish of no higher than third place for the Bronx Bombers.

Yes, even the bitterest of hopes grow strong and righteous in the April sunshine.


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