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Mundane Moments: It’s plane to see, Part Deux.

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Just as no good deed goes unpunished, no good idea goes unflogged. (See Checker, Chubby; “Let’s Twist Again.”)

Here, then, are Ten More Thoughts in the Head of the Mysterious, Reasonably Well-Tanned Stranger Photographed at Random Looking the Other Way in an Airplane Aisle, Summer 1973:

He's back for more.

1. “You know what I love about being in the sky? No malls.”

2. “You know what else I love about being in the sky? No TV.”

3. “I am D.B. Cooper. For realz. I keep a swatch of used parachute in my wallet. And none of you people know.”

4. “I’m sorry. This seat is being saved for my sweet babboo.”

5. “The Nippon Ham Fighters will be sorely disappointed if I cannot rediscover my knuckleball.”

6. “I shaved my legs for this flight.”

7. “Somewhere in the cosmos, a dead man is handing over his soul to an unborn baby. When do they come with the whiskey?”

8. “With Speed Stick Deodorant for Men, I never find myself landing on water.”

9. “That ain’t carry-on baggage in my pocket.”

10. “I have no mouth, and I must scream.”

In case you missed it, yesterday’s variations on the same theme.


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