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No, it’s not Klaus Voorman.

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My readership is not large or devoted enough to really do trivia questions.

But here’s one anyway:

Without looking it up, can you name the only musician to record with both John Coltrane and John Lennon?

If you feel like guessing, drop your answer in the comments. I’ll come back in a day or two and post the answer if no one’s guessed by then.



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  1. Paul Fishkin

    Robin Gibb.

  2. Billy Preston?

  3. Ravi Shankar? Jon-Luc Ponty?

  4. Steve Gadd?

    • Nope. Didn’t come along early enough to record with Trane (who died in 1967.)
      I’m not sure he ever worked with Lennon, either, although he certainly had enough standing in the studio world that he *could* have gotten the call.

  5. Airto the percussionist?

    • Airto Moreira is another excellent guess, but no, not the guy either.

      Since you’re being so diligent in your mental pursuit of this, I’ll tell you that it’s more obscure than that.
      In fact, I’ll say that it’s someone whose name you have probably heard somewhere along the line, but whom I do not think you have ever listened to.

  6. I’ll probably just post the answer tonight unless someone manages to come up with the answer first.
    I tend to doubt anyone will — like I said, this is not a well-traveled corner of the Internet — but one never knows.
    I commend you for not just breaking down and looking it up.


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