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In color … and in black and white.

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Boston magazine used to have a regular feature called “Thank God We’re a Two-Newspaper Town.”

The magazine would juxtapose a headline that ran in the liberal broadsheet Globe with the headline from the same news story in the conservative tabloid Herald. It often seemed as though the two papers had covered completely different stories.

We get a little of that same dissonance here in the Lehigh Valley from time to time.

From the Easton Express-Times’ review of Sunday night’s Cheap Trick/Aerosmith concert in Philadelphia:

“(Cheap Trick) singer Robin Zander still has a set of pipes, belting out lyrics with bravado and nary a sour note or botched vocal.”

From the (Allentown) Morning Call’s review of the same performance:

“Zander’s singing was bad. Brutally bad. … Zander’s voice is totally shot.”

(TMC also criticized Zander for wearing an aviator’s cap, suggesting instead that he show his baldness. Yup. Cutting-edge fashion commentary.)

I have no idea which reviewer was right. It would have been interesting to find out — my inner 16-year-old flirted briefly with buying tickets to this show, but I couldn’t make a Sunday night in Philadelphia.

Leaving that debate for the ages, then, here’s a clip of Cheap Trick (including a bare-headed Zander) from the days when I would really have been interested in seeing them perform.


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