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Down to my last out.

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Went out to the ballpark tonight and tied up a couple of loose ends.

One early post I wrote for this blog noted that 2012 was, more or less, my 30th year watching live baseball at multiple levels.

Well, tonight was probably the last game I’ll see this year. The local nine only has a few more weeks to play, and family commitments at night prevent me from getting out to the park. And I highly doubt I’ll get to a Phillies game, as it’s a titanic PITA to get to and from Citizens Bank Park.

So, unless I stumble across a previously unknown fall youth league holding forth at the little ballpark near my house, live baseball is probably a wrap for 2012.

The last game of the year offered no great lessons or revelations. I took my older son, bought better seats than usual, drank a couple of janky ballpark beers, and sat back and relaxed as my hometown Rochester Red Wings stomped my adopted-hometown Lehigh Valley IronPigs 10-0.

(The Red Wings hit four home runs. So I guess there was one great lesson and revelation: Keep your pitches down in the strike zone.)

Red Wings first baseman Chris Parmelee and manager Gene Glynn exchange the customary greeting after a home run.

As a curious side note, Liam Hendriks — who figured in the very first post I ever wrote for this blog, six months ago — turned out to be the starting pitcher for the Red Wings.

He had a considerably better time tonight than he appeared to be having on his Topps card, pitching seven shutout innings for the win.


The final line for the year, then, featured early-spring ballgames at four different colleges (including New Mexico State); two games in summer leagues for college-age kids (one of which I wrote about here); and three or four IronPigs games.

Still haven’t gone to see a New York-Penn League game in Williamsport or State College. I vow to do that every year and never do. One of these years I have to do it while I still have the opportunity.

Maybe in 2013, when I come back for my 31st year.


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