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If you’ve ever visited the “FABULOUS LINKS” section of my blog, you might have noticed a link to 1973 Topps Photography, a blog dedicated to the uniquely deranged alternate universe that was Topps’ set of ’73 baseball cards.

The link will remain there for the foreseeable future out of respect to its proprietor, Chris Stufflestreet.

Chris — a longtime blogger on two of my favorite subjects, ’70s music and baseball cards — passed away earlier this week of a massive heart attack.

He was 39 years old. (My age.)

Chris clearly knew his stuff and did his research when it came to baseball cards and behind-the-scenes trivia.

His ’70s music writing was entertaining as well, though I didn’t read it very often, just because I covered the same turf sometimes and didn’t want to unconsciously lift anything.

(Or maybe I was trying to avoid that frustrating feeling when someone else writes something great on a subject near and dear to you, and you wish you’d come up with it instead.)

On a selfish level, I am saddened to know that that crazy ’73 set is never going to be completed, and I’ll never get to hear Chris’ insight and comments on the rest of the cards. A knowledgeable and entertaining voice has been stilled.

On a less selfish note, my condolences go out to his family and those fortunate enough to know him well.

His passing is a loss for all those who crossed his path — even if, like me, they were random visitors on the other side of a computer screen hundreds of miles away.

I think all of us who blog desire that connection — that feeling that our writing informs, or entertains, or otherwise touches a scattered, unknowable, but interested audience.

Chris’s writing did.


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  2. barelyawakeinfrogpajamas

    So sorry to hear about Chris. I followed both of his music blogs religiously and I had actually been meaning to contact him with a baseball memorabilia question.

    He seemed like someone whose company I would have very much enjoyed.


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