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Red ahead.

Clearly, the people at Genesee Brewery are big fans of Neck Pickup.

About two months ago I wrote a blog post about beers I’ve had that have since been discontinued. I had kind things to say about Genesee Red, a cheap but tasty lager that outclassed most of the rest of my hometown brewery’s offerings. Death was its final reward for living.

Genesee has been hitting heritage brands hard over the past year or so, producing a series of “Heritage Collection” cases that reintroduce retired brews.

And wouldn’t you know it, the fall Heritage Collection case (rolled out last month) features the return of Genesee Red.

Lest anyone accuse me of being all talk and no action, I went out earlier today and put my money — a rousing $13.24 of it — where my mouth is. And now I have eight stubby beer-grenades filled with a brew I didn’t think I’d see again.

Well, seven stubby beer-grenades.

How is it? 1997 all over again. Pleasant enough. Kind of blandly malty. The other seven will go quickly.

In addition to the undead Red, I also have eight stubbies apiece of:

– 12 Horse Ale (this was in my first heritage case; it’s not my favorite as it’s kind of oddly sweet)

– Fyfe & Drum Beer (a swilly long-dead pale piss-lager from the Dark Ages of American Beer. I haven’t had any yet, but I’ve already decided I like it because of the nostalgia factor, even though the original brand was probably only ever bought by one guy who died of cirrhosis during the Ford Administration. I imagine the empties clacking and rolling in the backseat footwells of his Ford Falcon as he drove unsteadily to the store to pick up some canned chili.)


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  1. Red at night, sailor’s delight! I don’t remember much about Red. I do remember Genny jumping on the Ice and Dry bandwagons. As I remember, I kinda liked the Dry. I’m a little out of touch with the mainstream Beer market. Do they still have bandwagons? Microbrew was another one. What we need is a Belgian theme.

    • I am fairly sure they are out of the Dry business. I wonder if that will show up in one of these bring-out-your-dead heritage cases.
      Surprisingly (to me) they still make Genny Ice.

      I think current mainstream beer bandwagons include fruit/flavored stuff (like Bud Light Lime) and occasional stabs by the big breweries to make more craft-ish stuff, or to just buy up craft breweries.


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