Encore performances: Thankful.

From the old blog, November 2010. Edited in spots.

Things I am thankful for, besides freedom, home, family, good health and those other bedrock things:

* Ballparks, any size.

* The continued availability of 35mm film.

* Cashew nuts.

* Music. All of it. Even country.

* The Internet.

* Rational discussions.

* Rye whiskey.

* Bourbon.

* Beer.

* The fact that America tried Prohibition and got it out of the way decades before I was born, making it much less likely someone will try that silliness on my watch.

* All those bloggers who write better than I do. Even if they remind me of my limitations, they also entertain me, and inspire me to keep at it.

* However many readers I have on any given day.

* Continued employment.

* The Great Lakes.

* D.B. Cooper.

* The Fourth of July.

* A nice fat hamburger every once in a while.

* Old-growth trees.

* Public parks.

* Peace and quiet.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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