Shlabotnik, not stirred.

21 imaginary TV specials or movies, created by slicing, dicing and recombining the titles of “Peanuts” TV specials with the titles of James Bond movies.

Die Another Arbor Day

You’re Not Elected, Octopussy

There’s No Time to Live and Let Die, Charlie Brown

A Goldfinger Thanksgiving

It’s Your First View to a Kill, Charlie Brown

The Man with the Golden First Kiss

He’s Your Spy Who Loved Me, Charlie Brown

Moonraker!!! The Musical

From The Great Pumpkin with Love

What a Nightmare For Your Eyes Only, Charlie Brown

It Was A Short Summer On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Casino Flashbeagle

You’re a Go0d Man, Dr. No

The Living Arbor Daylights

I Want a Dog Licence to Kill, Charlie Brown

A Warm Blanket is Not Enough

A Charlie Brown Christmas Never Dies

The Girl in the Red Truck Loved Me

Never Say It’s The Easter Beagle Again, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown’s Thunderball-Stars

Quantum of Lucy

5 thoughts on “Shlabotnik, not stirred.

  1. I love the second one the best. I think if we just replaced ‘Charlie Brown’ with ‘Octopussy’ in all the Peanuts special titles, we would really be on to something.

    1. I wonder how difficult it was to work on the movie “Octopussy.” Did cast and crew regularly break into laughter at the trashy absurdity of the title?
      (“I can’t *believe* I’m making a movie called ‘Octopussy.’ “)

  2. I’m watching a Boy named Charlie Brown with the family and my son is cracking up at Linus’ suffering re: that blanket. And Snoopy ain’t making it no better….drinking water…ice skating ….chillin’

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