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Hot wheels.

From the Great Moments in Marketing Dep’t:

1969: Suffolk County, Mass., District Attorney Garrett Byrne files criminal charges against two Boston theater owners for showing the Swedish art film I Am Curious (Yellow), claiming the film’s nudity and sexual content make it obscene under state law.

1971: Chrysler Corp. gives auto buyers across America — presumably including Suffolk County, Mass. — the opportunity to buy Plymouth Furies or Satellites in a custom color called “Curious Yellow.”


The Supreme Court case that arose from Byrne’s prosecution was not decided until February 1971. It would have been mad stylish if the theater owners’ lawyers had celebrated their victory by going out and buying a new Fury or Satellite in you-know-what color.

(Though personally, I think the Mood Indigo Metallic was a nicer shade. Wonder if Chrysler gave Duke Ellington any money off that?)


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  1. As I’m sure you remember, our 1970 Ford Maverick was “Anti-Establish Mint”; I believe Maverick’s entire palette of available colors was similarly aimed at the young and curious, if not yellow.

    • Yeah, ’70 Mavericks came in a variety of creative colors, including Freudian Gilt, Thanks Vermilion and Original Cinnamon.
      I don’t think any of them were inspired by soft-core Swedish nudie movies, though.


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