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Encore Performances: A question.

From the old blog, January 2009. A fitting re-post for the Year of Power Pop, given the video clip in question.

I’m watching a video of an old favorite Seventies pop toon on YouTube, which inspires in me a question.

If I’d ever been a serious musician, I might know the answer to this question.
But I wasn’t, so I don’t.

Why must headphones in recording studios always require at least one hand to hold them onto your head?
(Note in this video how the singer is caught violating protocol at the beginning, and how quickly he claps his hand onto his cans about four seconds in.)

Is it a real need — like, do they come one-size-fits-all and a little big?
Or is it just a rock’n’roll affectation, like not shaving and wearing your guitar slung low?

Gonna have to ask my rock-star friends.

PS: A friend whose husband was in a working band at the time of the original post was kind enough to leave me an answer to this — namely, that holding your cans helps you hear better. Thanks, Jess.


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