11 thoughts on “A philosophical question.

  1. If you insist there are two “sides”, then it depends what the other side has done. Personally, while I don’t give points for effort, I do give a lot of points for originality, for going somewhere no man/person has gone before; I also give points – as they do in gymnastics and diving and skating – for degree of difficulty.

    I think you win!

    1. By “sides” I mean the coolness or the embarrassment.

      And you can’t judge whether I’ve won or not until you know what I did (or what I’m thinking of doing.)

      All will be revealed in time.

  2. I think embarrassment outweighs ‘coolness’. It’s longer lasting and much faster to register on the observer. Coolness often takes thought; embarrassment is immediate.

    Don’t do it, darlin’!!!


  3. I’m all about the effort you put into it. If it was a lot, and still it kinda flopped, then it was probably something pretty epic you were going for, so big ups! Especially if it took you out if your comfort zone. But that’s me. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hateration in the nation, so others may feel differently.

    1. It wouldn’t be huge epic, like building a boat and sailing it around the world, but it would be semi-epic. And it would definitely involve leaving the comfort zone, which is part of the appeal.

      1. Then, I’m with Mr. B. Go for it!!!

        Speaking of things that may be semi epic, do you have any interest in connecting with Ancestry.com? Hope Street is wonderful and, not knocking anyone else, but in my opinion much more interesting than most blogs on their site. I am tempted to tell them this (diplomatically of course), but I don’t know if you want them to come calling or not. They are a business and I don’t know how you feel about all that.

        Honestly, I don’t know what it would entail, I just think you make personal, family history come alive in a really universal and compelling way. And I think that’s what they try to do.

        But maybe after your current adventure. What do you think?

  4. Thank you for the suggestion (and as always, for the kind words.)
    I am familiar with the family-tree part of Ancestry (a lot of my family tree is posted there) but I didn’t know they had a space that featured blogs. I will have to check it out.
    If they have a “Blog of the Week”-type feature I’m always game for a little gentle promotion … if money or sponsorship or something is involved, then I’d have to look at it a little more carefully.

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