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Splendid isolation.

News item: Canadian owners of the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio plan to refurbish and restore the recording truck with an eye toward bringing it back to use.

Once upon a time, I might have been the only eighth-grader in America with a picture of the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio in his locker.

I had souvied a mid-’70s magazine from somewhere, and the mag had an ad in it with a big picture of the Stones’ legendary recording truck.

(I don’t remember what the ad was for. Clearly it wasn’t for the truck itself; it must have been for some component of the truck. Maybe it was a “Use Maxell tape like the world’s baddest recording studio does!” kind of pitch.)

I knew I liked the Stones then. And I had some dim perception that owning your own mobile recording studio was just part of the wild excess of being a superstar band.

So I tore out the picture and put it up in my locker … where, as far as I can recall, it spent the school year totally unremarked upon by the handful of other people who had occasion to stop by.

Not sure what I think of the whole idea of a mobile recording studio now. Today it seems like just another crutch to insulate rock stars from anything resembling the real world — which turned out not to be the greatest approach to life.

(If Led Zeppelin could record most of an album without leaving Mick Jagger’s mansion, is that ultimately a good thing?)

Time will tell whether the refurbished Mobile Studio ends up helping a new generation of rock stars create their own posh cocoons.


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  1. Interesting that people would travel to the mansion to use the mobile studio. Was this some Spruce Goose, in permanent dry dock after one test drive to the pub?
    I like that the leader of the Britain took his breakfast of toast and beer there, and I’m not talking about Churchill.


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