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Scraps of Fresh Content for the few folks what care …

— It took me almost 40 years, but I finally greeted Easter this year with the question: “Why do we celebrate this? We’re not religious.”

The kids got baskets anyway, but egg-dyeing is up in the air, and neither breakfast nor dinner will feature anything out of the ordinary.

— Am actually planning to watch some big-league Opening Day action tonight.

The forced narrative of “Look at the Astros and Rangers’ new rivalry! Isn’t it worth your emotional investment?” will choke me by the top of the second inning.

But, this may be the only time all year I can watch the Astros on the telly. And I do dig their retro-styled uniforms, with a return to orange as a primary color.

(Yes, I will watch a few innings pretty much just for that.)

— Went to a college baseball game yesterday (Lehigh-Lafayette.) No great plot or narrative to report. Just a nice afternoon in  the sun.

Lehigh won 7-4, which was OK by me. Plus I got to see a sidearm pitcher work for Lafayette, which is always a highlight — I love guys with funky or offbeat deliveries.

(I hate the pajama-style uniform pants, though. Hate, hate, hate. There were still a couple guys on the field with old-style socks, which gladdened my heart to see.)


— Splurged and bought three CDs from Amazon this morning. Two of them were recorded in the Seventies, while the third wishes it were. I guess that’s just how I roll.

I was only looking to buy one of them, and I would have downloaded it through iTunes, but it wasn’t available there.

It was available on Amazon, for the jaw-dropping sum of $4.99 … but I am chronically incapable of buying just one thing off Amazon, so I threw in two others. Perhaps I have saved some recording industry middle manager’s job for another couple of days.

One of the albums is kind of a cult item, and will fit nicely into the ongoing Year of Power Pop.

Another was a Top 10 album, but nowadays seems to be just about as obscure and uncelebrated as a former Top 10 album could possibly be.

(Or at least I haven’t run across anyone who champions it. I have learned, from both newspaper work and blogging, not to be too strict in my labeling: Calling something “obscure” will inevitably lead to an angry message from the one guy in your readership who has worn out three copies.)

And the third comes with the long-ago recommendation of one of my favorite bloggers. I’m sure I’ll like it — possibly more than the other two — but I’m interested to see.

Reviews will come soon, I’m sure. Gotta keep feeding the beast.


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