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An indifferent call to arms.

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I don’t think I’d vote for Neck Pickup in a best-blog contest.

But if you disagree … well, your time is now, Bunky.

The same local paper I was just tearing a new one the other day has launched its annual best-local-blog contest. And Neck Pickup is entered in two categories: Misfits — was a truer word ever spoken? — and Music.

(Neck Pickup’s sister blog, Hope Street, is also entered in two categories: Family, which it won last year, and Personal.)

I don’t hugely care whether I win or not — if I viewed popular response as a barometer of success, I’d have quit blogging a long time ago. I also don’t have any special incentive to drive traffic to the paper’s website.

But if you particularly like what I do here, and you’re willing to put your clicks behind it, you are welcome to go here to cast your vote.

Voting will continue until April 22, and if they run it the same way they ran last year’s contest, you can vote once every 24 hours.

(If they run it like last year’s, you also will have to register with the site to be able to vote. I would never tell anyone to type in false personal information so they can vote without handing Tribune Co. a concrete record of their identity. No, I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror again if I suggested that.)

Win, lose or draw, I will endeavor to keep bringing you whatever it is of value I bring you now.

So it goes.


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  1. EricaTyson2012

    Whoo-hoo!!!!!!! I am all over this! Yours is the best.

  2. EricaTyson2012

    Just went to the site and discovered voting is closed. I hope it all adds up to enough for you to win. It appears that we’ll know on May 2. Good luck!


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