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Encore Performances: The style it takes.

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Written for the old blog in February 2011. I never did get through the whole book.

I saw “The Andy Warhol Diaries” on the shelf at my local library and decided to get it out.

Gavin Edwards at Rule Forty-Two is to blame for this: He wrote a number of posts about the Warhol diaries that made me think it might be a fun read.

“The Andy Warhol Diaries” is fun to skim for about 150 pages, just to enjoy Andy’s deadpan cattiness and the parade of names.
(The best/coldest line comes in the early ’80s, when Jane Fonda tries to make small talk by asking about ’60s Factory personalities Eric Emerson and Geraldine Smith. Andy’s retort: “I told her Eric is in heaven and Geraldine is in the phone book.”)

I’m not even halfway through, and the parade of superstar stupidity is already getting old.

Amid all the cocaine and shallowness, though, is one diary entry to which I could relate.
On Saturday, April 12, 1980, Andy says:
“Got up early and watched the cartoonies.”

I would have been six going on seven years old then; and there’s a pretty good chance I watched the cartoons that morning, since that’s what I did every single Saturday morning for years and years and years.

Assuming that “watched the cartoonies” is not personal slang for “scored cocaine,” and that Andy truly was watching the animated moving-pictures, April 12, 1980, may have been the only time ever in human history that Andy Warhol and I were doing the same thing at the same time.

I wonder what Halston was doing?


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