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A long crazy week is over, and things seem to be getting better on the weekend.

I ran my second 5K of the year this morning, and decided to wear this cap while I raced.

I’m fond of the city, not the team, so you won’t see it on me too often. But it seemed apropos today:


The mojo seems to have worked, as I came in ninth overall and first in my age group, and also beat my time from the St. Patrick’s 5K by a good 45 seconds.

(I always enjoy a Top Ten finish. Maybe that’s Casey Kasem’s influence at work.)

These feats that sound so impressive are easily explained away:

– It was a tiny race. No idea how many people took part but it was well fewer than 100, maybe closer to 50.

– There were a bunch of competitive runners between 40 and 59 years of age (doesn’t bode well for me next year, I guess) but pretty much none in their thirties.

– It took place on a rail trail, which means the course was as flat as the deck of an aircraft carrier. Which meant no hills to wear me out and add to my time.

I was still pretty jazzed to have a reason to hang around for the awards ceremony.


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  1. Congratulations on being a FIRST PLACE MALE! Great job!

  2. EricaTyson2012

    Congratulations and glad to hear things are looking up.


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