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Free from all the hurt, free from all the pain.

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Busy feeding the beast at the other blog tonight, but I’ll toss out something the classic-rock types in the crowd might like.

You’ve probably heard about the Justin Bieber song that got slowed down 800 percent, creating a weirdly attractive ambient composition.

Anyway, the technique has been unleashed on one of my favorite semi-forgotten Chicago tracks — 1971’s “Free,” which features an overwrought Terry Kath lead vocal and sparring between the drums, guitar and horns.

And it makes for a dramatic listen, with Kath sounding like he’s calling from the peak of an alp and Danny Seraphine’s cymbal work suggesting the ebb and flow of the sea.

(I suspect there are other manipulations on this version, like echo, in addition to the slowdown effect.)

Here’s the original:

And here’s the slowed-down version:


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  1. EricaTyson2012

    That’s a funky song (the original). I like it. Slowed down, it makes me think of some big budget sci fi blockbuster or the start of It takes two by Rob Base.


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