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It’s time for mice to move on in.

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My Year of Power Pop initiative left the rails a while ago, but I’m bringing it back for a moment, conveniently annexing piano-pop into the power pop genre to suit my own needs.

Far too infrequently, I read a music blog devoted to Canadian independent music called Grayowl Point.

Earlier today, I stumbled on a post they put up around this time last year, offering a Canada Day playlist of explicitly Canadian-themed indie-rock songs.

I’ve listened to a few, and there’s some very good stuff there … but none as good as Will Currie and the Country French, a piano-pop band from southern Ontario.

Their song “Tommy Douglas” — a tribute to one of the fathers of Canada’s universal health-care system —  is pure ear-crack for pop fans.

There’s bouncy piano, and tempo shifts, and charming backing vocals, and some subtly used fuzz bass, and a guitar solo that intelligently heats things up at the end. Most everything but a clap track, in other words. It’s stupendously catchy and perfectly done, down to the ringing last chord.

(It’s also a history lesson in a box for those of us south of the border. The reference to the “mice (moving) on in,” and the cats going, is a reference to a fable often told on the stump by Douglas.)

You can hear it, in all its waltz-time glory, here. 

Don’t wait for Canada Day to do yourself a favour.


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  1. Michael Thomas

    Thanks very much for the blog shout-out, and glad you enjoy that song as much as we do! Will Currie & the Country French are a really refreshing band to listen to every once in a while—I’ve only seen them live once but they absolutely blew me away when I did.

  2. I hear a lot of Beatles in the tune. Not so much in the vocal quality, and certainly not in the smooth background vocals, but in the melody, chord changes, fairly simple 4/4 piano part (like John or Paul would be capable of playing) and the little twists and turns of the tune itself.


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