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Radio silence.

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Will probably be silent for a couple of days.

I read a piece of wrongheaded clown-ass dogshit writing by a paid writer today that frustrated and infuriated me so much, it took the pen out of my hand.

I am literally reluctant to write anything for fear it will turn out to be that bad, or somewhere close to that bad. I have been reminded that there’s a lot of lousy writing in the world, and that reminder always makes me fearful of contributing to it.

(I also don’t have any new tunes in my world that motivate me enough to write, and I don’t feel like looking for fresh juice in the old ones.)

I thought about dissecting what I’d read, brutally exposing its faults and slicing it razor-thin like carpaccio.

But … it doesn’t deserve that much attention. I’m not gonna link to it; I’m not gonna quote it. I’m gonna let it eat away at my brain, but I’m not gonna implant it in yours. It doesn’t deserve that much market share in the community of ideas.


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