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Having won me over with his songwriting and his live performances, Graham Parker is now winning me over with his tweets.

Over the past week or so, the peppery English singer-songwriter has been posting a list of every car he’s ever owned, complete with brief reminiscences. (“A possibly drunk postman ran into it whilst parked and totaled it!”)

I’m not sure why I’ve enjoyed this so much. I just find it fun to watch someone like Parker willingly head down a random personal tangent to the delight of his fans. And I guess I like following a well-known figure who knows that sharing personal information and letting fans know about their lives doesn’t have to mean going all TMI.

(As a former gas station attendant, Parker might be expected to have a particular bond with cars — though he claims he doesn’t care what he owns now, as long as it’s new when he gets it and it has room for guitars.)


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