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Acing dour funk.

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Today I learned that the phrase “Styx and Foreigner” — two bands who will soon stink up Musikfest, my local annual musik festival — anagrams to “I, foxy transgender.”

I don’t have anything else to write about tonight. So I’m gonna run some other musical names and phrases through the machine and see what they anagram out to.

Special thanks to the Internet Anagram Server, without whom none of this would be possible, or at least not without my putting waaaaay more time into it than it was worth.

Van Dyke Parks: Dark Knave Spy

Goats Head Soup: Toad Esophagus

Toys In The Attic: Stoat Ethnicity

Ronnie James Dio: Edema Joins Iron

Terrapin Station: A Stentorian Trip

Malcolm Young: Manly Cum Logo

Angus Young: Gay Gnu Onus

E Pluribus Funk: Flubs Puke Ruin

Gordon Lightfoot: Hotdog Loft Groin

By-Tor and the Snow Dog: A Debtor’s Downy Thong

Graham Central Station: A Theatrical Strongman

Walt Parazaider: A Tawdrier Plaza

Rust Never Sleeps: Revelers Sent Pus

Eumir Deodato: Audited Romeo

Meco Monardo: Comrade Mono

Dean Friedman: Remanded Naif

Colonel Tom Parker: Mackerel Poltroon

Ace Frehley: A Fey Lecher

Mothership Connection: Ethnocentric Hip Moons

Frampton Comes Alive: From A Campiest Novel

Love Unlimited Orchestra: Cede A Trillion Vermouths

Doobie Brothers: Ribbed Sore Hoot

Eric Carmen: Nicer Cream

Muskrat Love: Tusk Removal

You’re So Vain: Your Evasion

Gordon Sinclair: Ironclad Groins

Velvet Underground: Revolved Dung Tuner

Midnight At The Oasis: Tinsmith Hogties Ada

Aerosmith: Ham Sortie

Court And Spark: Rap Soundtrack


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  1. I don’t think I want to be ‘Ace’ anymore.

    Uncle Bits



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