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Their appeal has become more selective.

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Apropos de nada, pretty much:

Earlier this month (Aug. 5, to be exact) marked 35 years since the last Rolling Stones single to hit U.S. Number One.

Not only that, but the last Stones single to hit the U.S. Top Ten is almost a quarter-century old: It was released Aug. 17, 1989.

Somehow that seems like a long, long time.


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  1. I used to find it remarkable that the period between “Satisfaction” and “Start Me Up” was only half as long as the period from “Start Me Up” to the present. At this point, I think that people are glad to just have them around as long as possible and don’t comment as much on the desultory studio albums that were pretty much an excuse to keep touring.

  2. Classic economic theory here – as their supply of fans goes down, the demand of ticket price goes up. Don’t they charge ~$500 a seat or something?


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