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Can you tell me when we’re leavin’?

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Not much new tonight. I have a couple From The Valley posts just calling out to be written, but not now.

To keep the beast fed, I’ll toss out a token few words about a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

The song is “Station Man,” a Fleetwood Mac oldie from the band’s blues-rock days. Released on 1970’s “Kiln House” album, “Station Man” is one of only four Mac songs to credit John McVie as a co-writer.

Another entry in the long tradition of British train songs, from “The One After 909” to “All The Way Home,” “Station Man” is an off-kilter, somewhat funky shuffle with a more stepped-up, straightforward midsection.

There’s not a heck of a lot to it, but I find it easy to get lost in.

Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes, who has the voice and stage presence of a middle-school earth-science teacher, does an pretty good version:

Here’s the Mac’s studio original, which is a little too buttoned-down in places but builds up a head of steam in others:

And here’s the Lindsay Buckingham-Stevie Nicks edition of the Mac playing it in Largo, Maryland, in 1975:


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  1. Ha, even Mr. Sherwood was more dynamic than that cat!

    • Given that I once saw Sherwood fly into a rage and get Jeff Bowman in a headlock, I would have to agree.

      I figured you’d like the Stevie Nicks video the best.


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