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A shameless hyperinflation of an idea I expressed in 140 characters on Twitter earlier today. The beast must be fed.

Today I learned from Wikipedia that Blind Lemon Jefferson and Linda McCartney share a birthday. (Yes, it happens to be today, Sept. 24.)

Imagine *that* jam session, I tweeted.

Once you get past the obvious laffs, that’s kind of an intriguing idea — to me, anyway.

If you had locked the man who sang “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” and the woman who sang “Cook Of The House” in the same room, and compelled them to collaborate on a three- to five-minute song, what do you think it might have sounded like?

Seriously, ask yourself that, and try to imagine it.

Some people think that way about combinations of food — “What if you took mango, blood orange and Chantilly cream, and baked them in puff pastry in a slow oven, and then plated them with a chocolate swirl?”

I think that way about music, or at least I did today.

Here, then, are some other unlikely birthday partners. See if you can imagine what kind of music they would have agreed to perform together, and what it would have sounded like.

(In some cases, both performers are still alive, so there’s hope yet.)

February 13: Peter Tork and Peter Gabriel

March 1: Roger Daltrey and Justin Bieber

March 2: Lou Reed and Method Man

March 26: Teddy Pendergrass and Kenny Chesney

March 29: Vangelis (“Chariots of Fire”) and Patty Donahue of the Waitresses (“I Know What Boys Like”)

April 10: Bunny Wailer and Brian Setzer

April 30: Rev. Gary Davis and Amanda Palmer

May 16: Robert Fripp and Jonathan Richman

July 10: Ronnie James Dio and Arlo Guthrie

Nov. 17: Gordon Lightfoot and RuPaul


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  1. Robert Fripp and Jonathan Richman – I’d buy that sight unseen.


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