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The Great Rock and Rye Experiment has borne sweet and bitter fruit.

After two days of soaking, I have strained the solids out of my homemade rock and rye and put it back in the bottle it came in.

(If my photo download software was working I’d insert a picture here. Homemade rock and rye looks much like regular rye, except more turbid.)

How is it?

Well, the good news is, the sweetness from the rock candy is present but not overwhelming. I’ve seen some of the factory-made rock and ryes described as sweet and cordial-like; that was decidedly not what I was after.

(Also good news: Rye-soaked lemons make for wonderful sucking. That in and of itself will probably cure what ails you.)

The somewhat less good news is, the dominant flavor note is now a wild untamed citrus-peel bitterness.

(Was I supposed to peel the things? Hmmm.)

It’s not undrinkable; it’s just a little much. It does mellow a little bit given a few minutes over ice.

On the bright side, medicine ain’t supposed to taste good; so I am only further convinced that this long-awaited tonic will drive off my cold.

Indeed, I have been building this stuff up in my mind for several days now to the point where it cannot possibly fail, just because I’ve mentally put the faith of generations behind it.

I’ve administered myself two doses tonight, which ought to be enough to cure a bison. I have full confidence that I will get out of bed tomorrow clicking my heels and whistling “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?”

We’ll see how the wind blows.


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