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Down on the farm.

Nineteen best sentences from the Annual Report of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, for the year ending Oct. 31, 1920:

1. “Dr. Clinton also continues his study of peach yellows.”

2. “Twenty-four hundred and sixty-two pieces of Babcock glassware have been tested, and either certified correct or rejected.”

3. “Dr. Garman is also studying the life history of the spittle insects attacking grasses, and is also preparing two papers for the Natural History Survey of the State, one on the Dragon Flies, and the other on the Mites of Connecticut.”

4. “Mr. Walden has collected an important series of leaf-hoppers from different host plants.”

5. “A study of the Hahto Soy Bean, edible in its green state and a possible substitute for lima beans, was begun and material gathered for improvement by selection.”

6. “Royster’s Fish, Flesh and Fowl Guano was deficient in all three guaranteed ingredients.”

7. “Three and one-half tons of horse manure contain on the average as much plant food as does one ton of sheep manure.”

8. “For fumigating dormant nursery stock or buildings, place the acid and water in an earthen jar in the house, drop in the cyanide and close the house at once for half an hour.”

9. “Good for both scab and black scurf.”

10. “Destroys entire head turning it into a dusty olive-black mass that is dissipated in time.”

11. “During 1920, the European foul brood was found in the following towns: …”

12. “This work involved the counting, separate handling, examination, and making record of each, of 159,668 individual apples.”

13. “On June 23, the adult emerged.”

14. “A larger number than usual of alcoholic liquors have been tested, chiefly for wood alcohol, on account of the panic created by the sale of a quantity of ‘poison whiskey’ the alcohol of which was found to be entirely methyl (wood) alcohol.”

15. “It is a carbohydrate substitute made from purified and bleached wood pulp, straw pulp or cotton fiber; it is white, tasteless and non-nutritive, containing no starch, sugar, fat or protein; and is used for filling out reduced diets such as indicated in the Allen Treatment of diabetes.”

16. “The cake was suspicious because the cocoanut turned intensely pink after 24 hours.”

17. “Stock Feed Tonic, sent by B.S. Dibble, East Canaan, consisted of, or contained, salt, charcoal, partially digested starchy material, bicarbonate of soda, sulfur, quassia, chaff and weed seeds.”

18. “When the insect desires to expand the froth it sticks the abdomen above the spittle, encloses an air bubble within the two terminal flaps, brings it beneath the surface and forces it out.”

19. “Mating takes place from the first of July until October, at least in this locality.”


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