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Okay, now I can die in peace.

See, I’ve been watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” an average of once a year since Jimmy Carter was president.

But I’ve never seen the whole thing.

As “Peanuts” freaks and casual fans know, the original 1965 cut of the special included two references to Coca-Cola, the show’s sponsor:

– At the very end of the show, a voice-over mentioned “the people in your town who bottle Coca-Cola.”

I finally tracked this down and saw it for myself on YouTube two or three years ago; it’s still there.

– At the start of the show, when Snoopy grabs Linus’ blanket on the frozen pond and sends him flying, Linus originally crashed into a sign with a Coca-Cola logo.

In later airings, depending on who you believe, the sign was either wiped clean or replaced with the word “DANGER” so as not to offend other sponsors. By the time I came along, the entire moment had simply been excised from the special.

I’ve been watching this show since, oh, 1977, and I’ve never seen Linus land. I’ve made intermittent searches for this clip online and have never found it.

Until now.

The deep sea of the Internet has coughed up a rare pearl. And now, at last, I can say I’ve seen “A Charlie Brown Christmas” from start to finish.

I have no idea how long this clip will hang around, so if you have any desire to watch it, don’t sleep on it:


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