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Yeah, one of these days I’ll actually write some more posts. For now I’m having fun riffing.

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It occurred to me today that I managed to make it through this Christmas season without hearing practically any Christmas music.

There were a couple of spins of the “Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack — which stays out all year, and is almost not even a Christmas album any more in my house.

There were also a couple spins of “Wonderful Christmas Time” … one view of an animated video for Bob and Doug McKenzie’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” … a little bit of the Harry Connick Jr. Christmas album … and a couple of random crooners served up by an online radio station.

Still, considering the sheer amount of holiday music that gets played this time of year, I managed to avoid just about all of it. Except for one dreadful version of “Santa Baby,” I don’t even remember noticing any in the supermarket.

No Bruce, no Mariah, no Waitresses, no Band Aid, no John Denver and the Muppets, no Bing and David, no “Little Saint Nick,” no nothin’.

(No Adam Sandler, either, and three cheers for that much.)

I didn’t hear today’s selection at all this Christmas, either.

But it found its way into my head, more than once. And you know what happens when songs find their way into my head.


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