Quiet period.

Preoccupied with this, that and the other so I haven’t had a lot to say lately. I’ll be back on the horse pretty soon, I imagine.

Went to a college basketball game today. My alma mater came to play Lehigh University for only the second time in history.

BU won the first game, in the 1968-69 season, 81-56.

Today’s game was considerably closer. Lehigh held a 66-65 lead with a few seconds to go. But BU’s D.J. Irving hit a pair of free throws with two seconds left to put the Terriers back on top, and a desperation shot by Lehigh didn’t fall in.

I’m guessing there were maybe 2,000 people, tops, at Stabler Arena. Everyone else in the world missed a good game.

I usually dredge a couple of sociological observations from my trips to sporting events. Not this time. It was just an athletic event. An entertaining and well-played athletic event. No deeper resonances of what it means to be American, or any of my usual shite.

A few happy pictures just to pad this out:

The matchup of the game: Lehigh's Mackey McKnight vs. BU's Mo Watson Jr.
The matchup of the game: Lehigh’s Mackey McKnight vs. BU’s Mo Watson Jr.


BU coach Joe Jones makes a point.
BU coach Joe Jones makes a point.
Final score.
Final score.


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