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Going off the rails.

‘Bout time we had another diddley-bow post.

Tonight’s victim — er, honoree is one of the staples of the aspiring heavy-metal guitarist’s repertoire.

As with so many other songs, though, you don’t need six strings to play it; that’s just a common misconception.

On a related note, thanks to all of you who made In The City of Churches and Cannons, the experimental free-jazz diddley-bow album of the year, the 509th most popular experimental album on Bandcamp last week.

Here’s how I figure that:

Bandcamp’s “best sellers” screen shows eight albums at a time. And, I had to scroll back to page 64 to find mine, where it was fifth listed. Thus, I reckon it was the 509th most popular experimental album of last week.

(Its achievement might have been greater; it might have been in a 309-way tie for 200th for all I know. But, I will content myself with what is visible to me.)

I'm bigger in Japan.

I’m a bigger deal in Japan.

If you haven’t yet checked out ITCOCAC, give it a listen.

It’s good background music for shelling pistachios, heavy petting, or scouring the bathtub grout. And best of all, it’s free. So, take two if you want.

(That would get it up to 475th, at least.)


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  1. Can’t figure it out. What exactly is that ‘string thingy’ that your sliding the beer bottle on in the video? But, anyone with Long Trail in their fridge is ok in my beer book.

    • Long Trail is good stuff.

      The diddley bow is basically a guitar string tied to two nails. I stick beer bottles under either end of the string so it’s nice and taut (the looser the string, the lower the note.)


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