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Finally got a few people to bite on the other day’s music trivia quiz about rock performers and their publishing companies.

So, now, the answers.

(If you still want to take the quiz, click the link above. I’ll give you a second to do that, if you want.)





OK, then. Here goes:

1. James Osterberg Music – The publishing company of James J. Osterberg, a.k.a. Iggy Pop.

2. Jones Music – Iggy’s old friend David Bowie, born David Jones, also tapped his government name for the name of his publishing company.

3. Cram Renraff – Still surprised nobody guessed this one, which belonged to former Grand Funk Railroad singer-guitarist Mark Farner. (G’wan, spell it backward.)

4. Fram-Dee Music – Peter Frampton. I’d imagine the “Dee” in Fram-Dee is Frampton’s Seventies manager, Dee Anthony.

5. Daksel Music – Used in the Seventies by Aerosmith. Fairly sure Aero, like Frampton, used a publishing company named for its managers, David A. Krebs (DAK) and Steven E. Leber (SEL).

6. Ram’s Horn Music – A ram’s horn, or shofar,  is used in religious services during the Jewish high holidays. Rock’s greatest songwriter of Jewish descent (or most any descent), Bob Dylan, chose the name for his publishing company.

7. Wilojarston Music – Used at one point by the Beach Boys. The word is a portmanteau of the band members’ last names – WIlson, LOve, JARdine and JohnSTON.

8. Ceros Music – Along the same lines, Ceros Music belongs to CEsar ROSas of Los Lobos.

9. Boo-fant Tunes – When you think of bouffant hairdos and rock n’ roll, what do you think of? The B-52s, hopefully.

10. Polish Prince Music – As pointed out in the comments, this one was used by former schoolboy accordionist Peter Cetera.

11. Flames of Albion Music – Sounds like a name that might be used by musicians all up into Celtic-Anglo history. Kinda like the members of … Led Zeppelin.

12. Lipstick Killers Pub. Inc. — This could have been used by any number of bitchy L.A. hair-metal bands. Too bad: The New York Dolls beat them to it.

13. Casserole Music — Not sure what led Jack Bruce and Pete Brown to choose this mundane name for the publishing company that handled, among other things, their Songs For A Tailor.

14. Vindaloo Productions – Also used on Aerosmith albums of the Seventies. Guitarist Joe Perry is a noted fan of spicy food — he has his own line of hot sauces — so I suspect he might have been behind this one.

15. Ackee Music — Ackee is a fruit common in Caribbean cuisine. Perhaps Traffic chose the name through the inspiration of Chris Blackwell, the Jamaican-born head of their record label, Island Records.

16. Stay High Music — Gotta be hippies, right? Sure enough, this was the publishing company used by legendary San Francisco cult heroes the Sons of Champlin on their Loosen Up Naturally album.

17. Ice Nine Publishing — Hippies again, only cerebral ones. Specifically, the Grateful Dead.

18. Earmark Music — Todd Rundgren‘s publishing company around the time of Something/Anything?

19. Plangent Visions Music – Elvis Costello (or, maybe more correctly, Napoleon Dynamite) around the time of Blood and Chocolate.

20. Yessup Music — Used by Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen, presumably because Deep Purple got to Pussy Music first.

21. Easy Money Music – Rickie Lee Jones. Named for the song of the same name on her first album, I’d assume.

22. Man-Ken Music — 10cc. I’d guess “Man” might be a reference to the band’s hometown of Manchester, England; no idea what “Ken” means.

23. Fifth Floor Music — Rickie Lee’s old flame Tom Waits.

24. Found Farm Ballads — Van Dyke Parks, around the time of Song Cycle.

25. Canaan Music — Robbie Robertson and the other members of the Band.


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  1. Just the first one I’m pretty sure of… IGGY POP!!!


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