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“What is a word? You tell me. I don’t know.”

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I have no idea who the Strumbellas are, but I love their spirit.

If you haven’t already done so — and I’m guessing you haven’t — click here to get to the Canadian alt-country band’s website.

Then click Band and watch the brief (six minutes or so) video about the development of one of their songs.

This is absolutely priceless on several levels:

– The way the other people in the band react when the singer-songwriter turns in a new song with a big and obvious mistake.

– The singer-songwriter’s own response to that mistake.

– The way they eventually rescue the song through good old-fashioned, live-in-the-studio feeling it out.

Also, at the risk of sounding like a condescending American, there’s a wonderful down-to-earth Canadianness that pervades this video.

These guys (and woman) have no rock-star pretensions. They’re just regular folks (including a Ph.D. student in literature, which is wonderful in and of itself ) who happen to play in a band.

And when life throws them an unexpected curve, they all react in their own ways and then come together to save the moment.

It’s charming, and winning, and maybe a little goofy in spots. So go watch it already.


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