Did I hear you say that there must be a catch?

I’ve added something new to the list of Things I Know I Shouldn’t Want To Do But Might Anyway:

Badfinger is coming to town.

The band playing a free show in Bethlehem on Aug. 23 is really Badfinger in name only.

The original band’s main singers and songwriters, Pete Ham and Tom Evans, are long dead. The original fourth member, drummer Mike Gibbins, is more recently passed.

Whatever amalgamation currently calls itself Badfinger features only one original digit — rhythm guitarist and singer Joey Molland.

(I believe Molland is at far right of this photo. It should probably be illegal to advertise a 2014 band with a picture of its 1969 members, especially when most of them are dead. But it isn’t.)

So why do I want to go?

Well, because it’s free.

And because the original Badfinger was a wonderful pop band — they were scouted and signed by the Beatles for good reason — and hearing their songs played live by someone who knows how to play them should be at least a small pleasure.

And because I’m sorta curious about what sort of aging pop geeks (and how many) will come out of the woodwork on a hot August night to see a ghost band that last hit the Top 40 in 1972.

And because … well, who wouldn’t want to tell their grandkids they’d seen Badfinger?

And, lastly, because even if Molland and Co. blow chunks all over the stage, it won’t erase the original band’s legacy of great power pop songs.

Like this one:

6 thoughts on “Did I hear you say that there must be a catch?

  1. Not previously familiar with Badfinger, but watched the video, and wow – has Beatles all over it. Lead singer almost looks like early Lennon, song very much in a Lennon/McCartney groove, formation and appearance of the band as they play (and group around mikes), and casual activities of the farm film all fit the Beatles mold. Never realized that there was another pop band that close to the Fab Four.

    1. Yes. They were signed by the Beatles to Apple Records and their first hit song was written by McCartney (after which they wrote several of their own).
      Some critics have suggested they sounded like the Beatles would have if they’d never taken acid — that is, if the Beatles had stuck to a pop sound and never gone down the psychedelic/experimental Sgt. Pepper’s path.
      Unfortunately, predatory management and some bad decisions kept them from lasting success.

  2. Free (and outdoors)? If there’s beer or the prospect of a picnic, you gotta go.

    In a way, I envy Bood, who’s just discovering Badfinger. Go and buy “Straight Up,” friend. You will not regret it.

    1. Badfinger, BTW, now on Spotify. Thank GOD. Been listening to them nonstop for weeks thinking “OMG this is everything I’ve ever wanted in rock”. If Badfinger were a dude I’d be proposing marriage.

  3. I recently saw (very briefly) Napalm Death who have ZERO original members. But as for Badfinger, I’d say their Top 40 stats are kinda irrelevant due to the general irrelevance of that particular benchmark. More relevant is their major iTunes chart performance after the Breaking Bad finale. Badfinger were incredible.

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