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I would run 500 miles.

There seems to be a fad in the running community promoting chocolate milk as a post-workout restorative.

And so it is that I find myself in the basement with a glass of Hershey’s-laced milk, relaxing after my last run of the year, and once again adding up the year’s running totals.

I should really dig the word “jogging” out of obsolescence and apply it to myself, as that’s what I do. I don’t run very often (strictly every other day); I don’t run very fast; and I don’t run very far (longest run of 2014: 4.42 miles.)

If pressed, I will admit that this regimen is not really keeping me as fit or active as I need to be. But it helps keep me more or less sane, and it gets the blood moving, and I stick to it pretty faithfully all year round, and it makes me feel good. So I plod on, year after year.

This year I jog-plodded 588.3 miles — an improvement over roughly 533 miles in 2013, and 510 the year before. There were no significant injuries or prolonged time off to report.

That total included three 5Ks, which were completed in times ranging from 24:10 to 24:45, which is fine with me.

588 miles, the Web says, equals the driving distance from Allentown to Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is a pretty good road trip.

Alternately, I could have run to Louisville (576 miles); Indianapolis (568 miles); or Toronto (292 miles) and back again.

I close the year, then, quietly content, at least on this front.

Here’s to more chocolate milk.


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  1. Or, you could have jogged to Penn Yan, jogged all the way around Keuka Lake, jogged all the way around Seneca Lake, stopping at all the wineries, breweries, and distilleries on each, and happily jogged home (if you don’t go around the Bluff of Keuka, I calculate about 582 miles)! Be ye not dismissive of your efforts; you’re doing a great thing for your body, mind, and life!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on getting out there this year and making it happen. Hope your next year is just as great. Have fun out there.


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