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I just dropped in.

Just in case anyone is still tuned in, here’s an update from where I sit:

– Been dealing with several weeks of persistent lower-back pain that has reduced my general effectiveness, including my interest in sitting at a computer and writing irrelevant commentary on 40-year-old pop songs.

Finally met with a chiropractor today and feel like I might be on the right path, at least as far as the back is concerned.

– Haven’t been running or walking (due to the above complaint) and have been suffering the inevitable fat-slob feeling that comes with it. Not rushing it, but hoping to start moving again soon. I’m going to miss the St. Patrick’s 5K in Allentown that I’ve been running every year for the past four or five, but so be it.

– Read a really obnoxious retrospective blog post about a well-known ’80s album that had the snarky feeling of crapping on pop culture from a safe distance. This has only further reduced my interest in grinding up and redigesting the music I’m listening to.

(I am told that the first issue of the redesigned New York Times Magazine included a two-and-a-half-page article on Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. To which I cry to the heavens: Why?)

– Speaking of music, I did listen to some Anglican church services. They didn’t interest me as much as I’d hoped, for a reason I should have expected. I enjoyed “Laudes” because it was a wild splash of musical color … but most services feature more conventional music, which is generally written to meet the traditional standards of religious composition. (i.e., it’s the kind of music where you know what’s coming, in terms of melody and chordal resolution.)

So the flights of transport just weren’t that ecstatic. But, if I ever find a collection of contemporary organ compositions, I’ll probably dig it.

– Also chewing on a personal project that has been sitting in my head for a while and needs to move forward before I can think about other creative stuff. I need to get it done, just because it feels like other stuff is blocked behind it.

(None of it might actually be worth anything, of course.)

– I can say I’ve been productive on one front: My #walletcard has been making semi-regular social media appearances.

Among other places, it’s shown up on the placemat at an undistinguished red-sauce Italian restaurant … on the bowl of hot-and-sour soup I used to try to chase away a cold … in a snowpile … and on the cover of a KISS CD. It’s starting to develop a ridge down one side and bent corners, signs that it’s being taken out.

It’s an OK start, but I mean to do more and better over the course of the year. (Shame I couldn’t work it into my lower-back X-rays in some fashion.)

There’s one guy on Twitter who’s in midseason #walletcard form. He went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and got pix of his card being held by two New Orleans policemen, and surrounded by all manner of revelry. Even better, the card in question is a Junior Griffey rookie card … so there’s fresh-faced young Junior, wearing the charming grin that used to be his trademark, surrounded by beads and Jello shots. It’s pretty great.

That’s about it.


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