Just in time for spring.

Anybody wanna buy a ballpark?

Assuming this is real, and it seems like it is, online bids are being accepted for a 4,000-seat independent-league ballpark in the Rockford, Illinois, area.

Looks like a cute little place — I dig that saucy little indentation down the right-field line.

There’s no shortage of parking, nor of advertisers.

And the opening bid is just $1.5 million, as compared to a previous valuation of $8 million! What a deal. (Perhaps the basement is wet or the neighbors are loud, or something.)

I probably wouldn’t ordinarily care about this … but because of the cold and snowy winter, two whole weekends of college baseball have been washed out here in the Lehigh Valley, and I’m yet to see a live pitch this spring. It *looks* like that will finally happen this weekend, but that’s not guaranteed either.

So maybe I’m a little eager when it comes to baseball.

Anyway, I’m gonna go look between the cushions. I’ve got until April 2 to come up with that $1.5 million.

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