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Encore performances: Hey rock n’ roll.

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Four years ago this week, I folded my first blog, for a variety of reasons. Here’s the last thing I posted there. It doesn’t say much, but I still find the song in question kinda catchy, due to my eternal fondness for Seventies British glam.

William “Buddy” Gask, one of two lead singers of the ’70s British band Showaddywaddy, died a few days ago following a lengthy illness.

Gask sang lead on the band’s first hit, 1974’s “Hey Rock and Roll,” a thumping, fist-pumping anthem that promised glammy good times ahead.

Unfortunately, the band shifted after that into a comfy Fifties revivalism that, while tremendously successful in the U.K., doesn’t quite stir the pulse like “Hey Rock and Roll.”

Apparently, a version of Showaddywaddy with three of the original eight members is still on the road in the U.K.
I guess that means they are now reviving a revival movement. (That is, they’re trying to revive the Seventies, when they were reviving the Fifties.)

If I formed a tribute band to today’s Showaddywaddy, I would be reviving a revival movement of a revival movement.
Do you think the earth would blow up?

Also, how many pots of stew can you make with a hambone before you run out of meat?

Anyway, here’s Buddy Gask and the band in action.


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