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The promised statistical breakdown.

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Five hundred posts in, what do people like to read here?

You, the reader, have voted with your clicks. And, based on my Site Stats page, here’s what you say:

-Seven of the top 10 most-viewed posts are from the Five From The Record series — the posts in which I turn the microscope on a particular item and try to explain what I like about it.

I haven’t written one of these posts in quite a while, but I guess I ought to get back to it, because people seem to like ’em more than I thought.

-The most-read post in all Neck Pickupdom is “Too Fat For Love,” in which I explained my longstanding dislike for Motley Crue.

On an ongoing basis, I get a fair number of search engine queries from people looking for “vince neil fat.” Apparently I am benefiting from the increased avoirdupois of the Crue’s frontman.

-The most-read Five For The Record post is about the Kinks’ LP Sleepwalker. The post was featured on a popular website for Kinks fans, which explains the traffic. I haven’t gotten many visits from there lately, though. Maybe it’s high time I wrote about Preservation, Act II.

-My Edinburgh Exorcism series of posts about the Bay City Rollers got a decent number of hits, but only the “Fender Imprecision” post makes the all-time top-10 most read list. (It has also attracted more comments than any Neck Pickup post.)

I’m still a little sore about that one. I ended up siding with the Rollers’ fans, but most of them missed the point so thoroughly, you’d think I’d written in Esperanto.

I guess every writer needs a slap in the face once in a while: If your audience doesn’t get your point, that’s ultimately not their fault.

-The “What’s In My Fridge?” page has more hits than all but two of my blog posts. Somebody cares about what I’m putting down my gullet.

-Eleven posts have attracted exactly one view apiece, which is just about as ignored as a dude can possibly get. Two of those 11 have been deleted, which helps explain the avalanche of disinterest.

If you’d like to boost some traffic on some generally ignored posts, here are a couple of the one-read wonders:

-The two most-clicked images on this blog have both come from the inside of LPs with gatefold covers. Number One is the Bay City Rollers at Tronno City Hall; Number Two is Grand Funk Railroad naked in a hayloft in Michigan.

-The most-clicked YouTube link I’ve ever posted links to a video of a fire-alarm test. (The accompanying blog post also has to do with Grand Funk, but it’s not the one where they’re nekkid.)

The second-most-clicked YouTube link actually connects to something I thought had been taken down; I’m glad to see it’s still there. It’s a video showing the Kinks live on British TV circa 1977, playing “Stormy Sky,” off the aforementioned Sleepwalker LP.

-I’ve linked to any number of Wikipedia entries over the past 500 posts. The three most-clicked Wiki entries are, in order, Duxbury, Massachusetts; Thunderbolt siren; and the twelve-letter word that will automatically get you ejected from any baseball game.

(I love my readers sometimes. Quite often, actually.)

-This particular Flickr image is the most popular of the ones I’ve linked to. Coincidentally, it is also the backdrop on my work computer.

-I’ve convinced 110 readers to go read my other blog, which I suppose is effective social media leveraging. Yay, me.

-Finally, and most importantly: Akismet has protected my site from 30,180 spam comments.


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