This could be the night.

A night or two ago I got a sudden yen to hear the Modern Folk Quartet’s “This Could Be The Night,” a song I discovered during a long-ago VHS viewing of the classic ’60s concert movie The Big TNT Show.

A Phil Spector production, “This Could Be The Night” is one of those bubblegummy pure-pop songs that crosses my mental transom maybe once a year or every other year, and delights me every time it comes up.

It was a weird coincidence, then, when I checked Wikipedia’s list of recent deaths yesterday and saw listed Eddie Hoh, drummer for the Modern Folk Quartet.

I didn’t know anything about Hoh’s career; from Wiki’s telling, he was an active session drummer with an extensive list of credits until a point in the early ’70s when he strung himself out and dropped out of the music world. A shame, if true.

Also shameful: While “This Could Be The Night” made a memorable intro song to The Big TNT Show, Spector apparently made the decision not to release it as a single. So if you didn’t see the movie (or buy one of a couple Spector compilations over the past 20 years that included the song), you might not know it well.

If you don’t know the song, here’s your inner teenager’s next earworm. (S)he can thank me later:

3 thoughts on “This could be the night.

    1. Yeah, before the wigs.

      Spector’s personal life aside, I am not generally a fan of his production work. I associate him with all those interchangeable no-talent girl groups the Beatles helped sweep aside, and as far as symphonic pop production goes, I think Brian Wilson did it better.
      But I like this one, for whatever reason.

      1. “I think Brian Wilson did it better. But I like this one, for whatever reason”

        Maybe because this sounds like a BB out take – maybe Al.

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