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Throwing darts in lovers’ eyes.

Among the many David Bowie-related messages I saw on Twitter today — all heartfelt and intelligent — this one stood out.


I don’t know the person who tweeted this, and I don’t normally buy into people’s interpretations of what famous celebrities would want me to do.

But I can go for this line of thinking.

Bowie’s work wasn’t always secret — you’d know in advance that an album was coming — but what came out was always unexpected, and always creative.

And he probably would encourage others to find what’s uniquely theirs and develop it, because that’s what he did, again and again.

So, rather than write out personal snapshots of how Bowie’s work crossed my path (they involve Time magazine, garage-band jams, high school crushes, nights in front of the TV set — same stories you have, basically), I’m going to spend a little time tonight working on a musical project I have in its earliest stages.

I’m going to line up a few squeaks and screeches and see how they sound … and maybe after that I’ll do something flippy and Eno-ish to them, and see how they sound then.

It won’t come close to Bowie’s level, of course; but it will be something I haven’t done before, and it will be creative, and it will have come out of my head.

That seems like the best celebration.


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