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Nothing older than yesterday’s Pet Sounds jokes. So let’s sweep them off the table with a Time and Date post — something I used to do from time to time on the old blog, but haven’t really continued here.

According to, I am 15,658 days old today.

What’s that mean? Well, here’s some context:

-When my dad was the age I am today, it was April 11, 1986 — a Friday, which meant a welcome break from the corporate grind. (Is it Friday yet?)

He had one teenage son driving him nuts, and I was about to turn a teenager in a couple of months … so then again, maybe the home front wasn’t that much more relaxing than work. I dunno. He got through it, anyway.

-When my grandpa (of Hope Street fame) was the age I am today, it was June 23, 1953, a Tuesday. This was before the calendars, so I don’t know if he did anything noteworthy that day, though I’m sure his kids enjoyed their still-fresh liberation from school. This was four days after the executions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; I wonder if he had an opinion.

-When Jerry Garcia was the age I am today, it was June 14, 1985, and he was in the Bay Area playing a show that — coincidentally — just came up for download a few days ago on the site where I get all my Dead.

I haven’t listened to it yet to find out if it’s any good. ’85 was a hit-and-miss year for the band but better than ’86, the year derailed by Garcia’s diabetic coma.

-When Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton was the age I am today, it was Nov. 25, 1972. The NHL legend, already known for his growing chain of donut shops, might have been back in Toronto attending to business affairs; his Buffalo Sabres were off until the following night, when they played the Islanders in New York.

-Elvis Presley would have been the age I am today on Monday, Nov. 21, 1977. Perhaps he would have been grunting through a couple of cash-in gigs before retreating for Thanksgiving at Graceland.

-When Hoyt Wilhelm was the age I am today, it was June 8, 1965. He also had the day off, having most recently thrown 3 1/3 shutout innings against the Yankees three days before. He’d pitch again June 10 against Boston, going another three shutout innings and picking up a save — not that anybody noticed saves much in 1965.

-When Keith Richards was the age I am today, it was Oct. 31, 1986. Presumably, Keef was at his place in Westport handing out Good n’ Plentys to all the young ghouls.

On the Stones front, the wheels had worn off the Dirty Work album (released in March), so Keith was presumably back to his ongoing public spat with Mick Jagger. He’d stayed busy on other fronts: The Chuck Berry tribute concerts filmed for the movie “Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll” had been held in St. Louis two weeks before.

-Speaking of Chuck, as we seem to do quite a bit lately, he was exactly my age on Aug. 31, 1969. Most likely he spent the day (or the night) pounding out a precise 75 minutes worth of hits through a borrowed Fender Dual Showman.

His most recent LP, released in June of that year, bore a painful title — Concerto in B Goode — and an even more painful concept, with side 2 devoted entirely to an instrumental jam. It wasn’t troubling radio program directors as August turned to September.

-When John F. Kennedy was the age I am today, it was April 11, 1960, and he was in West Virginia trying to convince people he should be president. Hubert Humphrey was touring the state as well.

-When Hunter S. Thompson was the age I am today, it was May 31, 1980. It was not a particularly good time for HST: About a month before, he’d had the uniquely unpleasant experience of seeing a bad movie based on his life open in theaters nationwide.

-When Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier was my age, it was Dec. 1, 1787, and he had already been celebrated for several years as a pioneer of lighter-than-air ballooning.


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