Art must be obeyed.

I have so many ideas for absurd unprofitable quixotic personal projects, it’s about time I let some out.

It occurred to me today that I owned every one of Art Garfunkel’s Seventies albums except the last, 1979’s Fate for Breakfast.

This is not an exceedingly difficult task, as A.G. only released four albums on his own during that decade.

Still, my ownership of three of the four albums indicated to me that, somewhere along the line, without really meaning to, I had become an Art Garfunkel fan. An Art lover, as it were. A patron of the Art.

I have taken two steps in response to this discovery. I’m sure you will agree that both of them were overdue:

-I bought Fate for Breakfast.

-I decided to blog Art’s Seventies solo repertoire, song by song, starting with the first track of 1973’s Angel Clare and ending with the last track of Fate for Breakfast.

It’s a project I call (with apologies to Messrs. Stewart, Gouldman, Godley and Creme) …


Not gonna start it tonight, and probably not tomorrow either since it’s a running night. But it will happen.

Art commands it.