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Only the beginning.

Where can you hear the voices of Robert Lamm, Del Crandall and Paul Anka back to back to back?

Trawling the Internet Archive’s audio collection in between bouts of online Christmas shopping, I came upon a recording of the first day on the air of WBSD-FM, the high school radio station in Burlington, Wisconsin. (It’s still there.)

The strummed intro of Chicago’s “Beginnings” pops up at 3:10 … and a lovely, mellow toon it still is.

It’s followed at about 8:25 by a PSA about high blood pressure narrated by Crandall, the former Milwaukee Braves All-Star catcher then managing the Milwaukee Brewers. (Managing the Brewers was a good way to learn something about high blood pressure; Crandall led the team for nearly four years and never posted a winning record.)

Finally, Anka and (I’m guessing) two jocks from the adult station in town offer their taped congratulations to WBSD on its first day on air.

After that it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a high school radio station in 1975 — a dull world-of-rock-music rundown show hosted by some local kid; a couple of newly minted high school jocks struggling to hit the post; a wild grab-bag of songs; that kind of thing.

(At one point they play an Arlo Guthrie album track back-to-back with Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn;” the DJ’s intro to the latter, which starts at about 36:50, is a scream.)



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