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Now, tighten the institution.

Being another in a series of holiday posts in which we will translate popular songs from English into French, then German, then Portuguese, then Hebrew, then Norwegian, then Haitian Creole, and then back into English.

Hey guys. I’m Archie Bell Drell Houston, Texas. We have no
Just sing, but we danced, and we should. Houston, we have
Last dance called extortion. It’s the music that we attract.

First tighten the battery properly. Now let’s drummer. I would like to deposit
It seems to me now. Ah, yes
Take him now. Pull it. hahaha
Now the guitar. Ah, yes
Now drag the body.

Yes, they attract. Yes now.
I said if you can do it now,
It will be difficult.

Now see here once. Then go. Make it soft.
Let us take now. Ask tightened.
Anyone can do it now. So we do it.
We will attract. Let’s shake.
You can do it now. So dear to him.

Now we are again. Let your right.
You can do it. But you do not just light.
Tighten. Pull it now.

Now just drums. Pull it.
Pull down action. Ah, yes
Now see here once. I want the guitar falls into it.
Pull it now. Ah, yes
Now, tighten the institution.
Here everyone can use.

Now see here once. We are there for us to do now.
Let us make it clear now.
Drag. You can attract.


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