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What is it? Here is where?

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Oh, hell, one more. Same drill as the preceding 14.

How not p.l.p. I ‘
Below me?
And how this T. V.
He hung the sign on the door?
Well, we call and conversation
“How?” we say
Hey, what a child can do it?
He learned all the lines now
And each time he had a stutter when talking
And it’s true! That’s true!
He did it inspirational kind of cool about jazz when he attended
Where blue jean jacket is old?
If this is not healthy, it’s a little cleaner?

This means that Chuck A. Love
Chuck E. Love
Chuck E. Love
Chuck E.

I do not what you say,
It’s something I did,
Is it here?
I look happy
Now he’s here?
I looked at the pharmacy
Is it here?
Name, it comes here more

I’m telling you, I saw,
He sat behind Pantages
And all that he did his sleeve
I hope it’s not contagious
What is it? Here is where?
My God, I think he combed his hair still
That’s it? What is it?
Oh, it’ll never be the same
To achieve this, it is not
I know it’s fake
Because Chuck E. love with the girl who sang this song
You do not know Chuck A. Love
Chuck E. Love
Chuck E. in love with me Chuck E.


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