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I’m sorry. I was gonna write something tonight, but — like everyone else — I’m too obsessed with a tool for cleaning cast-iron skillets.


Why do reputable media outlets casually redistribute stuff like this? Do they think it’s going to somehow end well for them?

(Do they think it’s going to somehow end well for anyone else?)


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  1. Speaking of reputable media outlets, are you in the Channel 69 news viewing area? I saw that the Found Footage Festival guys pranked them by appearing on their morning show as strongmen and performing feats of strength like breaking twigs that they found in the station’s parking lot. The funny thing is that the news ladies had this look on their faces like “Yeah, we know this looks stupid, and may be fake, but it’s 8:54 and not much different than a lot of the stuff that we have on this show. We’re just trying to move up to a mid-sized market before we age out of this job.”

    Also, clowns were spotted in Pottsville, reportedly yelling at kids –

    • I am right smack in the WFMZ-69 viewing area, and have been interviewed by at least one of the newspeople appearing in the “Chop & Steele” clip.

      • One of those guys, Nick Prueher, is the son of my freshman English teacher back in 1974. We reconnected via Facebook about a year ago and had a very entertaining lunch, at which he told me that after all these years I could call him Dan. I said, “I don’t think I can.”

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